Orchiata is an exceptional soil-free orchid growing substrate made from New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Its consistent high quality provides superior growing results. Orchiata is a stable, standalone product with long life, perfectly suited for potting and re-potting orchids.
Our unique processing and quality controls enhance the natural benefits of Orchiata: uniform size, beneficial micro-organisms and excellent rewetting and drying properties. Growers using Orchiata report improved plant health, lower disease and mortality, faster maturity times and a greatly reduced need to repot.

Natural sustainable choice
Orchiata is made from only the finest quality, 100% organic Pinus radiata bark, sourced from renewable, sustainable man-made forests in New Zealand, ensuring availability into the future.
Orchiata is available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific growing needs. Orchiata is clean, stable, dependable and ready to use straight from the bag - no rinsing, no refining, no extra work..... just consistently superior growth!

Fraction   Usage
 Precision  3-6 mm.  Our smallest chip size, used mainly for young orchids or orchids seedlings (from flask) (AFP : 43-50% and WHC : 52%).
 Classic  6-9 mm.  Suits young orchids, a good size for second potting (AFP : 47-52% and WHC : 55%).
 Power  9-12 mm.  Suits young and mature orchids, a good size for second potting (AFP : 49-53% and WHC : 56.8%).
 Power+  12-18 mm.  Suits mature orchids and orchids that require more AFP (AFP : 50-54% and WHC : 56.8%).
 Super  18-25 mm.  Our largest chip size, used for mature orchids and orchids that require a high AFP (AFP : 51-55% and WHC : 56.8%).
(AFP  : Air Filled Porosity / WHC : Water Holding Capacity)

The natural properties of this exceptional growing substrate have been proven by orchid growers worldwide to provide true value and consistently superior results. Our rigorous quality control ensures that Orchiata will give you superior performance, helping you achieve optimum growth and the very best orchid flowers.

Graham Wood, Lehua Orchids, Kurtistown, Hawaii
"Using Orchiata aged Monterey Pine bark from New Zealand, has solved our growing media issues. It has also significantly lowered our materials and labor costs."