Swedish Peat

Swedish peat is being considered as one of the best options for the production of high-quality substrates. In addition to the stable structure and the high air content, it also has a high water absorption capacity.

From the peat bogs of our Swedish partner, we have the possibility to process / produce different types of peat products. The peat bogs are located in the north of Skåne and already since the Second World War the peat was harvested here. At that time mainly as an energy resource. Some 50 years ago, peat production started to beocme an important raw material for the production of high-quality substrates. We stand for quality and strive to offer the highest quality to our customers at all times.

At the moment the peat bogs all together cover a surface of around 200 hectares and the production is about 45,000 m3.

Classification of Peat
Peat is understood to be an accumulation of more or less decayed plant remains. Peat consists of the remains of plants that grew and died in that same place. Below shown the humification scale by Von Post.