About us

Besgrow is seen worldwide as a leading company specialized in the production of high quality substrates for the production of orchids. Both for the hobby market, as well as for professional horticulture. In order to maintain this position, we continuously invest in development and innovation of our product range.

Apart from the above we are for example very closely involved in the research on the influences of micro-organisms and biostimulants. We continuously try anticipate on market developments and the wishes of our customers. This leads to innovative products, that actually improve the business operations of the end-users.

Soon on this website more information regarding the product Kelpak. Over the past forty years Kelpak's research team has successfully revealed the hidden secrets of the giant Ecklonia maxima. When processed with their proprietary extraction method, this kelp releases delicate compounds that elicit a number of responses in crops that are beneficial to the grower. The result is a powerful bioregulator that will positively influence cell and tissue development as well as the plant's own hormonal action.

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